The Traditional Way

Muslims repeatedly claim that their faith Islam is such a code of life which delivers peace, inner and outward, following the order, to general humanity. But in the present times, when they often lean forward to justify their claims by referring to their glorious past and golden cultures, like of al-Andulus - they seem to be failing in convincing others. And, what is more a fabrication of truth than the suggestion that the mayhem they've brought to themselves and their environment is fault of a second or third party. Aren't these societal evils equal to mayhem - barbarism, injustice, religious animosity (not merely intolerance), wide-spread corruption, absolute illegality. What we actually need to recognize is to live in the Traditional way of life, and to tap the incentives it contains in its core which promise a life of well-being and harmony for humanity in general. Nasr makes the re-statement of this idea in this way, in his 'The Heart Of islam':

"Muslims must remind themselves again of their responsibilities to God, to human beings, and to the natural world and also of their basic rights, the most important of which is the right to be God's servant and vicegerent here on earth. They must extend their hand in friendship to followers of other religions as ordered by the Quran and to live and let live with regard to those who have moved away from the world of faith altogether. they must even extend their hand to those Christian and primarily Protestant evangelists who express ignorant, hurtful, and even malicious and egregious views about Islam. Muslims must in this case turn the other cheek and prove in their actions that for them also Christ is sent by God and his words revered."

What Seyyed Hossien Nasr, world's leading Islamicist and expert on East and West, wants to say is this:

Let me free so that like the Sun I shall wear a robe of fire,
And within that fire like a Sun to adorn the world.


2 did criticisms:

JM said...

Very interesting post! I really can't stand intolerance and it seems it's growing along with Man's 'evolution'... This doesn't make sense to me, shouldn't it be the other way round???

M. Umer Toor said...

Quote: "I really can't stand intolerance...shouldn't it be the other way round?"

Yes it should have been. But why tolerance only? We have to tolerate pain in our nose. I personally and humbly believe in the idea of embracing others, if we really wish to get rid of narrow-mindedness and inability to appreciate others.

Humble regards!

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