Islamic Law

A read a very interesting point in fiqah (islamic law) which I wish to share here:
"There is a main rule in Islamic Law
that a particular regulation
which is made for a particular reason
is enforced only when that reason
is clearly in evidence"

From Our Dialouge, -Vol III, 1997.

What do you feel and think about this rule?

1 did criticisms:

Richard said...

I think that there are many opinions being tossed around, each one being argued just as fervently as the next, as a result it's very difficult to define one as 100% correct, and conversely another as 100% wrong.

In the end I don't have all the answers, and I'm quite ok with that fact. I think the truth is usually found in the middle somewhere, but getting the truth to not feel like compromise is becoming more and more difficult.

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