Personalities & Intellectuals

1. No personality is identical to another, not necessarily in terms of rank or social order. History doesn't seem to be producing leaders that match in characteristics, style and personality traits. It is so mainly because of different life-stories every person has. We do not find a leadership model that can encompass all sorts of life-stories. There may be similarities in thought patterns or common values shared by a large number of such leaders. Yet there is no prototype, in this sense, one can follow and imitate and by the bliss of imitating whom, he can easily become like 'him'. At least not a purely earthly man can be such a prototype.

2. But on the other hand, the matter with intellectuals and scholars, broadly classified under the same Arabic term 'alim, is evidently different. We find no 'alim in the past ever greater than the one in the future. To me it is the nature that passes the baton of supremacy to every new alim according to it's will for the sake of goodness of general humanity. This again proves that we cannot have absolute education. If it were opposite to what is now, it would have been a situation which no man of impulses and curiosities could willingly accept. 

But 'What a piece of work is man!' (Shakespeare, Hamlet)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!