Arne Naess, Norwegian Philosopher, Dies at 96

(Note: The news came on 14 January and the following excerpt from a news article was also published on the same date.)


Published: January 14, 2009

Arne Naess, a Norwegian philosopher whose ideas about promoting an intimate and all-embracing relationship between the earth and the human species inspired environmentalists and Green political activists around the world, died Monday. He was 96.

Father of Deep Ecology:

[Naess] threw himself into environmental work and developed a theory that he called deep ecology. Its central tenet is the belief that all living beings have their own value and therefore, as Mr. Naess once put it, “need protection against the destruction of billions of humans.”

Deep ecology, which called for population reduction, soft technology and non-interference in the natural world, was eagerly taken up by environmentalists impatient with shallow ecology — another of Mr. Naess’s coinages — which did not confront technology and economic growth.

- Read the rest of the article about Arne Naess, a glimpse of his life and philosophy, here.

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Kadri said...

It's always sad to find out that a good person has died, but there is also comfort in his age. He spent his long life well.

I admired him greatly back in the 70's because of his work with saving rivers and waterfalls, something that was a hot topic where I lived back then.

M. Umer Toor said...

Dear Kadri,

That's very exciting to hear that this man had an influence on your life. after all idealism is not too blind. May I suggest, which i'd love to, what if you share on your blog with us your reminiscences associated directly/indirectly with this man, if any?

Humble regards.

Daanish said...

Thanks for remembering!as humanity shares his vision.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Daanish,

it is beyond masses power to stop wars. war of peace, people like him waged, can be the greatest war we've the power to initiate.

thanks for visiting.

Humble regards.

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