Mad, Mad, Mad Writers

There are sentences of 125, 159 and 218 words. This the minimum one, of only 62 words. Can you decipher the esotericism the following sentence contains deep within its inner being? Here is a humble sample:

Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained no partial surrender may be effected unless both the sum payable on the partial surrender and the total after the surrender of the Participating Sum Assured and the Related Bonuses thereon and of all Further Paricipating Sums Assured and Related Bonuses thereon exceed a minimum sum which the Society shall determine at the time of partial surrender.

In the policy documents of Equitable Life,
a U.K. based insurance company.

3 did criticisms:

Abdullah Shahid said...

I stopped reading after the first three lines. :-D

Umer Toor said...


Awais said...

Horrible! Reminds me of the obscurity of certain postmodern writers!

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!