For 7 Years They Tortured Me Without a Reason They Believed In

Saad Iqbal. Photo be Akhtar Soomro for The NY Times

"C.I.A forgot what Egyption and Indonesian intelligence had caught me for," tells Saad Iqbal who faced 7 years in the custody of American government (precisely, C.I.A, is it not of American Govt.?) in Guantánamo 'without any charge'. And, of course not without most brutal, barbaric, indescrible physical, as well psychological punishment and torture. He had been freed recently from the infamous, and without doubt, heinous and a disgrace for any American, Guillotine, oh sorry, Guantánamo.

Mr. Saad Iqbal is a professional Koran (Holy book of Muslims/Islam) reader. You must be curious for what sin did American govt. kept him in their hellish custody. Well they forgave him then as they do him now for he didn't commit any crime/sin against them. Yes, they admit this today as they did then. The NY Times reports, "Mr. Iqbal was arrested early in 2002 in Jakarta, Indonesia, after boasting to members of an Islamic group that he knew how to make a shoe bomb, according to two senior American officials who were in Jakarta at the time."

Mr. Iqbal insists he never made this statement. If it had been true, let's presume, he must have been asked in the Gilloutine, I beg your pardon again, Guantánamo. Yeah! he wasn't! But, C.I.A during the torture begged him to admit that he did met what Mr. Iqbal called as OBL and other important things.

There is even more interesting matter in this story. Hot news. Academians must be interested, the psychologists, doctors etc, etc. They must be feeling in heavens as they have found a fresh object known as ex-datinee whose memory is bruised yet fresh with the types and kinds of tortures he had to bear - in short Mr. Saad Iqbal. They might like to listen to him. 

But, very curiously Mr. Iqbal has no desire for revenge to Americans as he said, “I feel ashamed what the Americans did to me in this period.” Yet, he believes (very, very superstitiously, illogically, in fact) that the sins done against him shall be addressed and taken care of, one day. "Be it today, tomorrow or an indefinite period. God will pass his judgement and punish them for what they did to me."

What exactly happened to him? Better ask him. So they did. He talked for the first time (probably) to New York Times in Lahore. Please follow this link to view his video interview.

* All quotes, mentioned or not mentioned have been taken from this source.

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