Ishq, The Higher Form of Love

1. How do I know what is ishq and its historical roots, the higher form of love? I am unaware of the commotions and my thoughts are stagnant, more than any metaphor that can be applied to my situation. For that reason, Sir, I cannot ever analyze what is ishq, if the situation persists. So I tried to consult the poet-philosopher Iqbal. But his explanation of ishq can better be described as a part of a thought-system aimed at the unification of human personality and its self-realization.

1 (a). Self-realization (what's hidden in his or her breast, the initiative that is to be taken, ego-integrating and disintegrating factors and stuff like that, you know). It is difficult to realize the nature of it. Especially while taking naps frequently throughout the day. So where do I start from? Not self-actualization, rather ishq, the higher form of love.

1 (a1). Perhaps two or three times I repeated this phrase-cum-clause: ishq, the higher form of love. I should clarify it as to why 'why' is answerable in this particular domain. To Mr. Iqbal, Ishq "means the desire to assimilate, to absorb. Its highest form is the creation of values and ideals and the endeavour to realise them. Love individualises and the lover as well as the beloved." (Quoted by Dr. R.A. Nicholson, in The Secrets of the Self.) Rather than asserting importance on where to start from? I deem it better to let the flow freely flow and to be non-linear somehow.

2. Self if made strong...ego integrated and saved from disintegration...growth, development...The bargains...And...The heights...Visions from the top....Mar'fat...Knowledge of the nature of things...'Prayer as a form of knowledge'...Mar'fat...This is gonna be huge...

3. Sir this ishq, the higher form of ishq, and not the love of physical bodies, transcends my imagination, despite the lure of bar-gains. Even if I in some distant times become successful in imagining things a little better while writing, I surely can imagine that it is transcendent to my imagination: The love-meditation, a source of positive emotions; the songs you've to sing; miracles that ought to happen and the dwelling - hefty tasks. Here I fear to tramp!
When the self is made strong by love
Its power rules the whole world
I believed Iqbal to be an eccentric in the light of the verse I just quoted. I thought of giving up this so-called search for self-realization. I objected this notion of winning over the nature and world as ridiculous, pointing to the fact that isn't the world within man enough to be dominated? Now I wish to break the idols. To unfreeze them. Just for creativity and higher purposes I propose.

3 (a). Although I am a man of a weak will. Love will fortify it. Let me burn myself. Let me unite with my teacher, not Iqbal, neither his teacher, Rumi, the best-selling poet in America today, but love, but Iqbal and Rumi, thus.
By love it is made lasting
more living, more burning, more glory.

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