My Soul Needs Psychotherapy

This post must be short. It is only about a little affirmation and realization of what previously was held by me as a commotion which in fact is not even an emotion, thus by principle cannot be rendered as a commotion rather wisdom. A soul which likes to rebel against such matters needs psychotreatment or psychotherapy. Since I am not a master of it nor you (?), thus I cannot write about, can you (in comment section, if you like)? Even though Mr. S. Freud may like to intervene here, but I won't allow him and his psychoanalysis bother simple a man like I am.

I affirm this: Begin with the end in mind. But, its not complete as half-truths are not whole truths, which (the former, so as to shun surprises) are usually presented to us the masses. One cannot take pleasure out of a 'work/activity' unless and until he 'censors/blocks' perks like text messages, or to be more specific and embracing, 'activities which are urgent but not highly important or even important'. And, the realisation was that no two activitis of utterly different nature must be carried out at once for it is not humanly possible. (I found it true when I was trying to read a book and text message (sms) a friend, simutaneously. A simple headache followed, as a consequence.)

Yet, in an effort to follow perfectionists (who often bore us) I must not unmention (please disgrace/turn down once again this stupid 'not un-' style) that some activities of different sorts, apparently, are actually integrated. For instance, in order to read critically, reading a text and annotating it (marking text/writing comments then and there) or writing explanatory notes of what has been read (like, essays), is an integrated process, which must be carried out simultaneously.

What do you despise? And, do you agree? Do you have a reaction/feeling/idea/emotion/ or even commotion to share? Please do share it!

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!