Give it a Funny Caption

Courtesy The New York Times

6 did criticisms:

Abdullah Shahid said...

'Hey Dad stop the plane. This is the house!'

Wasn't really funny. I know :-D

Aviral said...

this caption may be offensive-

M. Umer Toor said...

dreadful as it was :)

Naveed Akhter Watto said...

Brother it's look like a photographer is standing near by a Airport,
like in Lahore DHA, RA bazar .. or some where else.
but it's interesting with a charming of seeing a flying plane at very close.

humanobserver said...

Waiting to be crashed :)

Ahsan Bajwa said...

i want a mid-air 3-pointer baby! (level landing in which all three wheels strike simultaneously)

call of nature is always overly motivating and inspiring,

He just lost the horizon,

i shall tweak this house anyway,

fairy tale: i know it isn't funny if it had been it'd be real, that's more funny.

(Bush) 'Oh! i just forgot to pick up my lunch-box'.

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