Daily Reflections: Evil & Society

Umer: What is NATURAL?

Master: Strictly speaking, whatever is free of human artificial interference. "Artificial" word comes from "artifact" i.e. hand made, manufactured etc. Only human interference can make things "unnatural"... "Nature" may not always be beneficial. It is better to construct 'bands' along river banks near population. It may be better to try to find new breeds of wheat, may be in some 'artificial' way. Natural way for a wound may be to let it untreated. But medical treatment is better! But if humans make fun of nature like homosexuality etc. Or such things, then it becomes EVIL. Here natural construction, growth etc. is being blocked therefore it's evil.

There have been and still continue to exist self-made and so-called, or let's call them independent intellectuals who are solely driven by the notions of freedom (to do) and independence from all the norms and conventions, preserved and passed 'by generations over centuries'. Expect them (i.e., thought patterns, conventions, etc.) to be faulty and obsolete, eliminate them. That's growth. But I am often amazed, and it's a funny thing to hear from such quarters arguing in defense of unnatural and evil, not amoral, practices. A rational person always sees things in a broader perspective, strives to integrate all colors in the same canvas and thinks beyond his or her personal likings and impulses. If our society discourages homosexuality (even though it persists to exist), it does so on the ground of its being unnatural. In a welfare society people seek to protect themselves and others from the evils which, obviously, go against human nature and reason.

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Awais said...

The idea that homosexuality is 'unnatural' has little scientific basis, so homosexuality is not rare at all in the animal world. Research indicates that around 1500 species of animals indulge in homosexuality, and it is a well-documented case for 500 of them.

See this, and this:

M. Umer Toor said...

How does it prove that indulging in homosexual practice(s) is in harmony with the primordial nature of human beings? Given the fact, as professed by Socrates and to this day by many a prestigious American medical institutions, that it is a matter of 'choice' or 'choosing'. Is genetic modification in humans the basis for it, or conditioning/causes/environment?

Awais said...

Because man has evolved from these very animals, and possess many of these same basic instincts. Most homosexuals don't choose to be homosexual; they are born with a particular attraction towards members of their own gender. Not all Homo sapiens are heterosexual by default. A phenomenon that is so common in the animal world, why should it be a surprise that is also present in humans?

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