One Possible Defiance Tactic By Palestinians - Now

Human Shields

Yes, Palestinians, not only one with arms, can back off Israeli air force by one simple defense tactic: 'Human Shield'. Very dangerous. But, what an option is left to them? And, it worked, at least once in these days. To quote BBC News, "The Israelis had backed off knowing that to strike would cause large numbers of civilian casualties which would, of course, have played very badly in the court of international opinion." It takes courage. They've it. "From militant leaders to schoolgirls, Palestinians can unite in confronting their enemy and the passive resistance of the human shields will be admired from around the world. The boys on the roofs, armed only with Palestinian flags and facing down war planes...."*

Map: Gaza and Israel Conflict. (Source)


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Kadri said...

It takes great bravery to face force that way, kudos to them.

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