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Umer: What about knowledge of heart?

Master Khuram: Immediate knowledge of new, complicated concepts, poetic verses, or even new musical tunes is possible in all these ways (visualisation, speculation, etc) as well as through riazat, deep meditation, imagination or even in dreams. But in no way mind reaches to any reality which is totally independent of previous sense experiences. Mind realizes new concepts but any new concept has to be just a new arrangement of already known things. Suppose you conceive a new concept of "artificial consciousness ". May be it is a whole new concept but after all it is just a new arrangement of already known entities, i.e., 'artificial' and 'consciousness'.

(Do you agree with him? A question for you is: If we fail to understand an 'idea' or a 'thing' when we have no past 'knowledge' of it, or if 'in no way can we reach to any reality which is totally independent of previous sense-experiences,' then what do we already know of?)

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think in the fancy terminology the definition was lost on me.

I personally think knowledge of the heart is that which is implemented on once it is learnt.It is not just facts and figures embedded in our minds, but something we've made into actions.

Umer Toor said...

Dear hfm,

Thanks for the criticism.

Yes, he didn't concern himself with its definition, probably he deliberately reduced the equation. (Do you know this term has been repeated in furqan more than 160 times?)

Marfat, knowledge of self and God, isn't it about receiving rays of light from on high? Realisations and theoretical explanations are what we yearn for. I do not disagree with what you see but I feel an urge to ask you this: What is knowledge of heart objectively?

Humble regards.

Femin Susan said...

thought provoking and kind. how different you are. well deserved.

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