Isareli Incursion Fully Begun

Source. BBC NEWS

Israeli troops have entered Gaza, with helicopters. Israeli troops have ordered in the wind Palestinian public to leave their homes at once. On the rationale that wind that blows contains answers. I don't know but its a messenger of worst sort of miseries for men/women of Gaza. "An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the incursion and said the aim was to seize areas from where Hamas was launching rocket attacks on southern Israel."Latest Flash (data): "The mosque raid [latest] brought the Palestinian death toll to at least 446, with about 2,050 wounded..."

This is ridiculous, though its very less powerful word, words cannot convey our pains any more. For there's nowhere for the victims of the diabolical might of the powerful idols to run. Where to hide? Absolutely nowhere. During raids? bombing? ground and air assault? I know I cannot stop it, but let me mock them, and hate them.

Conditions for the victims are somewhat like this: 

"The plight of the 1.5 million Palestinians crammed into Gaza was growing more desperate. People sheltered in their homes and humanitarian agencies warned that food, water and medical supplies were running short.

The power plant has shut down and the sanitation system cannot treat the sewage. In the winter cold, fuel for heating and cooking was no longer available, aid agencies said.

'We do not sleep at all at night. We stayed awake the whole night because of the planes,' said Umm Kamel, a mother of 11 baking bread on a wood fire in her home in Gaza.

'Nobody feels safe,' an International Committee of the Red Cross worker said in a report on the body's website. 'The problem is that we have nowhere to run for shelter.'"

And, not to forget, "Israel occupied Gaza in the 1967 Middle East War and after Palestinian uprisings formally ended its military rule in 2005, although it still controls the borders."

Note: Source of all quotes is here.

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