Wait for the Vaticans!

Vatican city provides shelter to around 492 people, who actually live in the city. Rest are pilgrims, tourists, etc. (Around 18 million.) Thus reasons a journalist as to why crime is happening in the Vatican. (I hope no Pakistani must be one, as some nasty people predict.)

Due to heavy loads of population in Vatican - so crimes does happen, from assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square 1981 to petty thefts, mostly, and, because of so-called terror attacks and really so-called terrorism, Vatican is "considering to join European Union's anti-terrorism body, Eurojust" (quoted from Khaleej Times, 12 Jan.). The primary motive of this expected move is a bid to beef up security in the city, the journalist notes.

A little catharsis (they say it's good to blurt out all that burns inside): I'm very angry with all of those (usually journalists, academicians, and silent linguistics) who have helped our rosy "beef up" make a security pet-word. People as fat as Rehman Malik (unfortunately, Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan) even dare to use it, at least superficially. Thereby depriving hungry people, poor people of sight of cow meat. Remember more beef people use, even small section of a large population, more food gets expensive and aids food-prices go high. Then I wonder why economists never got thought to this onslaught on beef up?

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!