Gaza Carnage: Words Can't Convey Our Pain Any More

Injured Palestinian chidlern Hatham Yahga and Yousaf who are in Dubai for treatment. - KT photo by Rahul Gajjar

No Words Left

Sam Hamod,  a distinguished Arab poet.

No Words Left Sam Hamod Without words,
Children screaming, 
Mothers wailing, 
Men cussing, 
Imam's praying, 
Israeli bombs splaying blood, 
F16s ratcheting missiles everywhere, 
Buildings exploding, Hospitals shredded, 
University splintered, 
Shrapnel flying everywhere, 
No words from Bush, No words from Brown, 
No words from Obama, No words from Rice, 
No words from Biden, No words from Clinton, 
No words from anyone in the U.S. media, 
No words, 
No care, 
No hearts, 
No words... no care... no hearts
No, nothing at all.

!'m shocked...!'m hearts are heavy...!'m never the same...! lack courage...! lack proactivity...but !'ll kill one way or a toll for their barbarism...and...its yet not an end...! resolve genocide...without profoundly mixing terms so badly...that world is all hurt in the same way it would be never ever as it was...which ! tremble to admit is the unfortunate now...the all-powerful idols strike now...they've started their final journey...they should mark it down...that that's the sum total of my life thinking paper: of what i do and be in totality and wholeness...

4 did criticisms:

Abdullah Shahid said...

Don't worry brother. The night is about to get over. The sun will rise soon.

M. Umer Toor said...

Yes, you're right. Because, Any further argumentation would be verbosity.

Humble Regards!

Plamena Markova said...

Your few lines were really strong to me, just like the words of Sam Hamod.

I'm sad too, with all of you. Unfortuantely i can't do nothing more...

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Markova,

thanks for reading and criticisms.

"I'm sad too, with all of you. Unfortuantely i can't do nothing more..."

I belive it suffices here...

humble regards.

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