The Philosophy of Life

Everyone is a seeker of truth. Besides physical and material needs there is a distinct and unique urge in everyone, a sort of 'hunger', to know the truth. That is, to find out the purpose and meaning in one's life. A person who is deviated from this higher purpose fails to find contentment and a sense of fulfillment out of the material possessions he or she comes to possess after so long enthusiastic struggling. But if such a person had given some time to know his or her purpose of life and the deep values their nature yearns for; if they had listened to that natural call which comes from the inside to find out the cause and purpose of his or her life and the universe around them, along with material things necessary to sustain life, they would not have failed to achieve their best state of humanity. A state of peace and rest.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!