Is Golablization Inevitable, Irreversible?

These two oft-repeated words, inevitable and irreversible, used often with the term Globalization, lack my respect. Yes, I degrade them as they do it to me. A process that is not strictly happening according to a Divine and Natural Law, but that which actually is a function of the choices humans make, has come to suggest that it transcends human beings. Is it fair? The later question would be raised more forcefully and more provocatively by those who believe in Iqbalian philosophy of humanism, not quite same as Western humanism, however. Iqbalian philosophy of Selfhood gives central place in the universe to humans, who are of best composition. Thou art not for sun and moon, it is they who art for thou. If humans give up to live, to say the extreme we shouldn't say, would globalization be inevitable and irreversible? That is not to denounce increase in the interdependency and inter-connectivity between people, but to show the dominance of humanity over non-human, cosmic elements or forces.

Apart from this, such annotations and connotations for a process called globalization raise logical questions about the certainty and finality of these ideologies. If globalization (the exact opposite of tribalism) is supposed to be an unstoppable phenomenon, which it is called upon by some academicians, then why still its definition is termed too dynamic to be explicitly stated as a whole? That is, you cannot limit its definition or even define it fully by assuming that this process has shown all of its manifestations; and that now no further study of historical processes is required to deduce an all-rounded and exact definition of this phenomenon, process or philosophy ('3 Ps' as called by Ali Muqteda). To be precise, my question is: Why this process has not completed and turned into a condition?

There is no argument over the fact that since globalization has never been a modern or post-modern phenomenon, it has evolved over hundreds of centuries and still continues to be so. But is it correct to label such a phenomenon, process or philosophy, which may be as lethal for humanity as tribalism, unstoppable? Are we becoming a victim of arrow of time, which has inherited in its forward flow some diabolical cruelties, so much unavoidable? Is this whole notion human?

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Mubi said...

globalization is neo colonialism.
it is not reversible but we can indeed put a stop to it..or at least slow down the poisoning. and it would only be possible once we accept our identities.,,
however, globalization doesnt only hv its downside... pros are there too but too few in comparison..

M. Umer Toor said...

Thanks for the criticism. It sheds many doubts off!

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