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"...There are beings who live because other beings have light, and there are beings who die because someone lets their lamp go out."
-Rumi's Father

I received this thoughtful sentence in an email footnote-cum-quote.
But who can grasp the underlying meaning, expressed with great clarity, and with a little twist in the language, making it a nice aphorism? It is only a deeply penetrating, yet easily imaginable, an observation, interpreted after what was heard and seen through a being's eye of the heart, and not a by-product of abstract mental visualizing technique. But have you noticed how co-eternal is this observation with your and mine existence? And what give words like these power to fly so high; defeat the boundaries of space and time, yet without living on the periphery of the whole reality, rather at the heart of it?

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!