Battlefield - An Exotic Classroom For Geeks

Imagine a scholar-soldier going into a precarious, chaotic, gory battlefield. And a Chinese proverb would bet that that learner can do anything he thinks he can do, but not within a few hundred years. This apprehension about sholarly nerds has been realized by such a soldier who fought in Afghanistan, against no matter whom. On Mr. Mullaney’s memoir about his experiments with war and battlefields, a journalist comments,
"'The Unforgiving Minute” is Captain Mullaney’s attempt to reconcile the precombat lessons that seemed so clear to him with the exigencies of battlefield experience... It’s the inner journey of a man who is at first eager to learn as much as he can from service and scholarship. Later on he learns from his mistakes." (Read its complete review here.)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!