Globalization: The Pathos of Circular Definitions

'Sir, what is globalization?'

Coincidentally, just coincidentally, I am attending a special sociology course on globalization, and we are also supposed to know it the way it is taught and not the way things are. A common spectacle, I presume. Not know what scholars say and contest. Not know what history says. Not follow where history goes, and thus to analyze it properly. Not think outside of those trite, rotten and dry textbook definitions, which being absolutely devoid of any intellectual stimulation and enthusiasm only dull our minds.

'Son, it comes from the village', the answer comes back like a bullet.

[What about it???]

'You see, a village is were we all come from, or perhaps from urban areas, but villages are more prestigious, right? So all the problem it has got to do is not with the globalization, but with the village. And since there's always an outrageous chaudhary, (financially and socially the elite person(s) in a typical village, who dominates others in one way or another), out there, hence there are certains problems, you know'.

'No sir, I'm asking where did it come from, that globalization thing?'

'Oh! I see. It comes from the global village. And now, I know, you'd be intrigued enough to know, where did that come from. Therefore, I must tell you - from the village. Yes, I think. Now. Enlarge that village. Stretch it on a globe, one available in our library (a round model of globe). And, here we have a fine example of a global village. Further, son, the process of turning and transforming this village by stretching it on a plastic globe is what we, academically and commonly, refer to as globalization'.

*Huge applause*

The converstaion thus naturally ends here.

A sound echoing in our minds, 'And where did that come from, the village, SIR??? From globalization???'

Conclusion: We are but victims to the circular definitions of enlightened professors, who can profess it so easily and in the same fashion slip away.

'O earth! show me your nets!'

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3 did criticisms:

sidrah said...

downnn with globalizationnn!

er, um. well atleast of the Bretton Woods sisters' neo-liberalist variety. economic globalization actually puts us developing countries in quite of a shitter. not nice.

Aviral said...

its true that globalization has put developing countries in a bad situation, but everything has positives and negatives...

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Sidrah,

Thanks for the criticism, but how is that. I have learnt that those agreements were supposed to make every nation independent within their own boundaries, politically and economically?

@ Avril,

Agreed. But same question: How is that so (about your 1st statement)?

Thanks for visiting!

Humble regards.

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