5 Humble Ways of Pre-writing

This post is just an ordinary post. I know that prolific writer's do not really need such ordinary techniques in writing to practice, which I am to mention. But basics are basics. And, since when we emphasize by repeating a word twice, we imply it to be definitive and essential. To get to the point, I now hereby, pronto, pledge to, quantify, exalt.... [I'm sorry, just snoozed in the process!] Following are 5 humble ways I use to prepare scripts for daily orientations:

1.  Develop a writer's journal. Here I record experiences and ideas on a daily basis only to break down the patterns and find new sources from where to take a fresh flight.

2. Another ordinary 'oriental thing' I do in prewriting is freewriting. While being wild, I sit down and let the wild within me do whatever... it... is... to... do! [giggling], and not for more than 5 minutes do I collect the ideas I want to write about.

3. Listing ideas quickly without judging them. Now that's important, since I do not wish to curb my wildness and its manifestations - I let Pakistan's constitution rule!

4. Ask 5 W-How questions: Who, what, where, why, when and how. I hope you understand.

5. Reading and listening with focus. If it is important for effective learning that we learn a thing not only by listening and reading, but by other ways also (speaking out, writing down etc.), so is the case with writing. I cannot just write 24-hour a day. Whatever best I can ever write, no matter how original and unique, it is by the knowledge of the known that I advance towards what's unknown. And, most importantly, it is also advised to listen and read before sitting to write down as reading and writing are said to complement each other. (It's a total mystery to me as to why.)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!