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1. Writing aptly measures and gives form to the depth and intensity with which one experiences life, not just how much he experiences. Thus it points to the fact that experience alone is not 'life', its the depth and intensity with which you experience it, for only that can provide an understanding of it. 

2. - Answers the questions: Where now? and why?

3. - Makes us conscious of even flashes of memory, they may not be of great value since lacking any noteworthy consequences, but very significant to the memory.

4. - Excellent medium for the transfer of experience(s) - the way it was felt - expressed even if in partly comprehensible way, to others.

5. - As a whole, is just a part of life. Helen Keller, an American writer, was deaf and blind. At the age of 7, she for the first time came to know on one eventful day that 'every thing had a name'! Before which she never knew anything about language.

6. - Everyone finds and seeks his own way of language, the language he wants. He can only learn from others and find others' research useful to him. But imitation is only superficial, excessive and disproportionate. And it simply negates the quality of unique experiences of the individual. Or, to be specific, the language I want and seek, and eventually write is centered on my unique Selfhood.

3 did criticisms:

Sherry said...

Umer, this is so true, it is so nice to meet you in this large world we live in and are part of.

I used to write each morning around 3 AM.

I lived then near Puget Sound where I could see the ferry cross the water. At 3 each morning, the moon would blast it's soft light into my room, awakening me with its warm glow, like an embrace, and I would get up and go to my bistro table and write by candle light about my appreciation of life and people and places, and so forth.

Then after about 3 pages, go back to bed to sleep awhile longer before it was time to get up and run and go to work.

This subtle reflection enlivened my whole life. I should do it again, but the moon doesn't awaken me anymore, and I don't see it's light across the water of Puget Sound anymore.

I will have to create a 'new moon'!

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Sherry,

Welcome to my blog.

Beautiful! The way you have described and the actual experience as well, is very fascinating to my mind. The idea of writing 3 Am is simply "sucking the marrow out of life". I wish you do mercy to yourself and start writing at 3 AM near Puget Sound by the moon or 'new', in case it is invented :)

Humble regards!

Omar Farooq said...

I partly agree to it, however, I do not believe that imitation is superficial, If leaning is a process then imitation is one of its level of learning and striving for the best.

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