In the Memory of Sigmund Freud

What evil is: not as we thought,
Deeds that must be punished, but our lack of faith,
Our dishonest mood of denial,
The concupiscence of the oppressor.
- W.H. (Wystan Hugh) Auden.

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humanobserver said...

Auden was true.

Shaheryar Ali said...

What Freud says , the results he formulates are not as important because as our knowledge advances we discover more. What is remarkable about Freud is the fact that this man for the first time dragged us out from a cosmos of spirits, ghosts, fate and God. Thinking that "thinking" can be explained as a material natural thing like every thing else and this was indeed a remarkable work as remarkable as that of Darwin. The 3 bearded sages of Modernism who constructed the modern world as we know it today, Freud, Darwin and Marx. One decoded thought, other explained Life and third told us how to make it better , free from hunger, war and discrimination

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

Don't you think that thought or metaphysics (no matter how strange it may be to escape from my understanding) is in essence abstract?

As iqbal says in reconstruction that his criticism of religion is true for certain false religions and not for all. Did I think rightly that you might have presumed this stance?

Shaheryar Ali said...

Abstractions,thoughts and metaphysics their meaning is loaded. Its not necessary that they are similar. For example Metaphysics is not a fixed field. For example , contrary to popular belief Marx, a materialist contributed to Metaphysics."meta" is beyond, it doesn't really means "idealism".
Allama's view on religion is bit different. You see he makes a distinction "revealed Islam" and "established Islam". The later is just as false as anything else.

M. Umer Toor said...

Yes there is a contingent Islam and absolute Islam. But as for Iqbal's negation of (14) centuries of development of tradition, and calling it utter falseness - so much stupidity on his part. I fear then he's too completely false!

What do you think?

Shaheryar Ali said...

Allah Allah , we cant use such a language for Hakeem-ul-Ummet. The "tradition" is result of socio-historic evolution and represents the interests of dominant forces in that evolution. So in Iqbal's view Islamic Revivalism has to be essentially based on a dynamic reading of revealed Islam, the one which is authentic

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