War of Aphorisms

Holbrook Jackson in his Platitudes in the Making utters,

He who reasons is lost.

G. K. Chesterton, Jackson's contemporary, in his copy of Platitudes forwards his own anti-theses with bright green pencil beneath each of Jackson's maxims. And, responding to the maxim just quoted, he remarks:

He who never reasons is not worth finding.


Don't think--do.

Chesterton, a Catholic rationalist and socialist, fires back:

Do think! Do!

Isn't it fun? Sharp shocks!

2 did criticisms:

Nothing Profound said...

"Proverbs contradict each other. That is the wisdom of a nation."- Stanislaw Lec

I write aphorisms and the reason is that I love to contradict myself. Writing aphorisms gives me the freedom to jump from thought to thought without getting trapped in one particular point of view.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Very Profound:

It's really cool to know one who writes aphorisms. I had a desire to know someone who utters aphorisms, the wish fulfilled :)

Maybe you'd like to share some of your interesting aphorisms (well they are always interesting to me).

Thanks for visiting :)

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