"The Hindu expression Sat-Chit-Ānanda is one of the Names of God." But there can be as many translations (or forms) of this expression as are multiplicities of one unity in this world, visible. Different translations may not be called as non-linear as we can better assign this quality to the 'levels or hierarchy of reality' for giving one expression so many forms. Following are some of them I read in the footnotes of the book Knowledge and Sacred:

*Sat-Chit-Ānanda usually translated as “Being-Consciousness-Bliss.”

* Most “essential” and metaphysical translation - “Object-Subject-Union.”

* At the highest level this ternary (three-fold) may also be expressed as “Known-Knower-Knowledge” or “Beloved-Lover-Love.”

* Operative or spiritual meaning related to invocatory prayer, such as the Prayer of Jesus (Christianity), japa (Hinduism), and dhikr (Islam). Here it takes the form of “Invoked-Invoker-Invocation” (in Islamic terms madhkūr-dhākir-dhikr).

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