Point of working in groups

Professors tell us that in real world team players are demanded. Working alone and in a team is hugely different for psychological and social reasons. The fact that you can face criticisms on your thoughts can be disturbing especially if the members are not glued together already. The point really is to get us debate about grey areas, and come to agreement using some objective criteria.

Working in teams suppose in a business should be have clear "rules of engagement". What i mean is that although we're not enemies, but since we're often excited about the venture, we forget to deal with each other like strangers. Hence, when i and my 3 friends launched a small venture of juice cafe in our school, we made it very clear what our values were, although there used to disagreements, because not everything could be foreseen, especially when making critical decisions about business, like pricing, budget spending, etc. i want to emphasize on corporate structures of even a small firm. What happens in over family business is that things are not worked out, nobody decides how time would one person work, and what would be his job description. That can leave space for lots of commissions and conflicts for future...

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!