How I Moved On

Journal Entry   -   5th Feb, 2009.

I entered the park in the shadow of dark clouds, which darkened my vision of the horizon. But as I looked here and around, what was the spectacle? litter and garbage. Childern, adults and some poor people in their adolescence, who have little reasons to exist reasonably, had just emptied the field for my phlegmatic visit, after paying a tribute to the Labor's Day (?) in the form of - Litter and Garbage. The voices from the management class resonated in the back of my head, of proaction, proactivity, service and creating value. I only waited for a partner, instinctively. I betrayed myself. I never walked the walk and tried to avoid any eye-contact with the litter and garbage on the otherwise amorous green patches. 

The place was filled with the blankets of silence. Silence that of desert. But having concrete paths, it was a unique place to walk on. Silence and concreteness; and yet no action, I reflected. But I moved on. Somehow, I picked a small abused cover of an edible product. Thanks to the advertising skills of the entrepreneur, it amused me, it read: Fast Nimko, Family Pack CFP. Nimko and fast? [Chuckles] [Clears throat] 

Nevertheless, I moved on... How could I?
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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!