Tale of Disintegrations

Is it true that tales are intrinsically about disintegration, may it be for evolving of new consciousness, in words of an artist gone by?

It may depend on the artist, his vision and the role he chooses for himself and his art. Then,as per his purposes, 'disintegration' as a mode of thought may be a 'necessity' to bring about needed 'adjustment(s)'. Or, as someone once said, "An irregularity deserves another." How witty!

Leave these matters of art to those who are really noble. Who live in ecstasies. I don't, so I won't.

Coming back to the point - writes Abdullah Yusuf Ali in Introduction, concretely, the Tale of Disintegration:

When men spread themselves over the earth,
And became many nations,
Speaking diverse language,
And observing diverse customs and laws;
The evils became multiplied,
As one race or nation
Became alienated from another.
The Brotherhood of Man was now doubly forgotten -
First, between individuals, and secondly, between nations.
Arrogance, selfishness, and untruth

Were sown and reaped in larger fields;
And Peace, Faith, Love and Justice
Were obscured over masses of men,
As large tracts of land are starved
Of sunshine by clouds floating far on high.

'As large tracts of land are starved/Of sunshine by clouds floating far on high.' Arrogance, selfishness, and untruth.

Why do they bomb on us? Oh please! get past those unrealistic-realist notions of finishing genocide or making world securer by these devils. Try some new ideas, which may dazzle us and not make our retarded existence yawn incessantly. Trick us. Come hither, play with us. Confuse us. And, then entrance us. Show us your skills of argumentation. You're highly educated military strategists. Make plans. Kill us but in ways we'd love to. Mortgage crisis, faulty financial policies, things we vote for. Thanks goodness you work a lot! 

Utter retardation.... And Peace, Faith, Love and Justice/Were obscured over masses of men....

  Oh masses! my masses!
The evils became multiplied....
The Brotherhood of Man was now doubly forgotten
Assimilate. Come hither near and close to one another, so that you produce life for yourself and others.
  Oh masses! my masses!
You're the only end here! You're the centre of stars and planets and what may lie beyond!
You're the only end here! 

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