A Strange Intelligence Command Center Office

A journalist from Spiegel Online observes the third-floor office of ISI's (Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistan) chief, General Ahmed Shuja Pasha during an interview, which is quite cool to mention here:
"General Pasha orders tea served in white English porcelain cups. With its expensive wooden furniture, elegant armchairs and giant flat-screen TV, his office looks more like the conference room in an American five-star hotel than the command center of an intelligence agency."
Isn't it funny?

2 did criticisms:

N.A. said...


Yeah such information is indeed 'funny' given the situation of our country. Actually we are so so developed and well-off, our people sleep at night without worrying for another day's earnings etc etc... indeed our officers are 'justified' in sporting such lifestyles!

humanobserver said...


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