A Bit of Poetic Symbolism

Umer: What is the difference between art and entertainment?

A Young Artist: A lot of.

Umer: But its too vague.

A Young Artist: Art can amuse others but ones own entertainment can't.

Umer: Art  for amusement, then entertainment is for what?

A Young Artist: Its just for putting ones own stress away.

Umer: Then what is the utilisation of art?

A Young Artist: Its actually for same purpose, but on social level.

A Young Artist:  For example.I can explain that:
                                  An actor is an artist and entertainer.                                
                                  A viewer is only one being entertained.

Umer: According to Herbert Read art may not be a serious intellectual activity as M. Arnold said [he said which M. Iqbal also quoted in his one book, "Art is the criticism of life."]; "Art is rather an expression of our deepest instincts and emotions; it is a serious activity whose end is not so much to divert as to vitalise," he is of the view.

A Young Artist: Its something we like to tell and others want to hear; its something we like to make and others like to see; its a move we want to move and others like to see it.

A Young ArtistIts bullet in the the heart that has its value when obtained by careful operation and expressed to the world.

A Young Artist: Its a bit poetic symbolism.

Do you agree with 'his' analysis on art? And, why?

2 did criticisms:

Kadri said...

From where I see it the young artist is missing the target by only looking at the two words from a personal view. Entertainment is not only what you feel, it's how people in general feel. The young artist thinks only about him/her self and not the greater picture. He/she is more or less answering "what's the difference between watching and creating art and being entertained from your personal experience".

IMO. Art is an act produced by an idea, entertainment is a feeling invoked by acts such as art.

As the artist creating the art I can be entertained by what I do from several ways of perspective. The entertainment is not a feeling reserved only for the viewer. Entertainment don't have to be bombastic or "ha ha look at the clown", entertainment is capture of thought and stimulation of emotion in a positive and/or rewarding way.

On the other hand the idea behind the art can be hidden from the viewer and because of that the art invoke no feelings in the viewer, thus no entertainment.

M. Umer Toor said...

I agree with your criticisms...

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