Why read daily newspaper in a barbaric society?

1. My uncle, my father's friend, says he hate newspapers. He even stopped subscribing them, though without hitting things hard. Because his wife had a literary kind of taste for reading. So there were numerous traditional rituals of spouse quarrels and as history bears witness to it, my uncle surrendered. Next day newspapers start pouring in my uncle's house. My uncle doesn't like picking them so early in the morning when even grass is waits to get dried. And, after the little 'come-back' of newspapers in their home, my uncle and ant are almost weeping in their hearts for three long days. 

2. The day when newspapers made its landing in his home again, he went out to fetch it for his wife. In doing so, he just caught sight of a day-to-day news, which informed my uncle of a little child who died by diving into a daeg (a large round pot in which food is made, especially on social events) of food at some marriage in some city in Pakistan. And, you must know why he died and what for and it'll be you entitled to decide who's who. That poor child hadn't had, as the newspaper reported, a handful of food for some three days. And, when he went into marriage asking for some, he had to secrectly dive into the daeg. And he was done! But, who's fault is this? It can't be mine for I shudder at giving away poors food off my table neglecting myself and my rich guests.

3. Time for you to think. And, note if their has been any factual mistake(s) in the post, forget them for a while.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!