Of Our Language 'Urdu' - An Opinion

Umer: Do you think we lack cultural expression, in our idiom and language? Is it unoriginal?

A Philosopher: I think Urdu language is the most developed of all the local languages of sub-continent. This language is comparable to English. Urdu can excellently express feelings, emotions, events and stories. It also can express philosophies. The only edge of English is the better capacity of it to express and preserve scientific and technical knowledge. Quantitatively Urdu literature is not sufficient as compared to English. But Urdu has manifested quality literature comparable to that of  English.

[Do you agree?]

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mark brown said...

Language is the most important aspect of culture. It is the dominant feature in determining nationality or ethnicity.Urdu language evolved during the declining period of Muslim rule in South Asia.With the birth of Pakistan Movement, the bulk of it having a majority of Urdu-speaking north Indians, Urdu language was further promoted.
see the below link

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!