We All Need "Goo-goo" Governements

What do we mean by goo-goo, by the way?

I found Paul Krugman, this year's Economics Nobel Laureate, give the answer in his latest article in The NY Times:

'Goo-goo, in case you’re wondering, is a century-old term for “good government” types, reformers opposed to corruption and patronage. Franklin Roosevelt (a past American "consistently ranked as one of the greatest U.S. presidents") was a goo-goo extraordinaire. He simultaneously made government much bigger and much cleaner'.

I hope we all do need, or at least implore, for a goo-goo government that is cool. But that doesn't mean a goo-goo government must be beautiful. In my assessment, no government can possibly be as beautiful and whimsical as the endings of Cinderella Fairy Tales or like, because it has to be organized, disciplined and strict. Do you agree?

2 did criticisms:

Awais said...

Isn't "beautiful" a rather odd adjective to use for analysis of a government? :)

M. Umer Toor said...

That's what I've tried to say. Governments aren't beautiful. So you do agree with it?

Thanks for the criticism, though :-)

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