Conversations with Master Agha (I)

Umer:  Well, I will have to fight against my carnal soul to become more proactive and end laziness in me.

Master Agha: But, no war can waged against anyone unless real enemy is identified.

Umer: [Doesn't speak]

Master Agha: [He elaborates] Identifying enemy is equal to identifying the friend. If 'a' is unknown how 'b' can be known? If 'a' is opposite to 'b' and 'a' is enemy then 'b' is necessarily the friend.

Umer: [With a sarcastic tone] That seems to me a paradox!

Master Agha: It is valid argument not parodox. If 'black' is unknown how 'white' can be known? If 'black' is my friend then 'white' must be my enemy. And, if 'white' is good then 'black' must be bad. So choice of one of them requires complete knowledge of the other.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!