Zia's Death Eaters Strike Again

Marhoom (late) General Zia ul Haq, famous for his 'with-in 90 days elections', is a historical kind of thing (I'm referring to the idea). But Zia did fulfilled, at least half of his prophecy by conducting elections in the middle of 1980s. The election, although proved General Zia's dedication and his commitments, they however seemed to be victim of asthma. Reacting to which (late) poet Habib Jalab commented:

Shahar mein hoo ka alam tha,
(It was deathly quiet in the city)

Jin tha ya Referendum tha
(Was it a ghost or really a Referendum)

Marhomeen ki shirkat thi
(Even the dead took part)

sachaioon ka chelam tha
(it was in the wake of the death of truth)[?]

And, I called it historical because as folk wisdom asserts, history repeats itself, no matter in which fashion or colour, usually in altered time and space, or not? "Education is Revelation coming to the Individual Man; and Revelation is Education which has come, and is yet coming, to the Human Race," says Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Same is true with history as written in future or near future. The news is, even in the 21st century, man has not abolished ways of people of two decades' past! Historians who delicately study the development in 'leisure, demographic currents' will be disappointed to see martial men of Guinea following blindly our celebrated Gen. Zia.

Abou Bakr and Rukmini Callimachi, of Associated Press Writers  have reported about a few hours and some minutes ago, "A military-led group sent tanks through Guinea's capital on Wednesday and said it would hold power for two years after initially promising presidential elections within 60 days." You may like to think of 60 days instead of 90 as a surprise, perhaps not. The situation Conakry, capital of Guinea, is facing is utterly different from what happened in the late years of 70s in Pakistan. Following are some facts about Guinea which make it a horrible spectacle.

  • Its 10 million people are poorest in the world despite being 'world's largest producer of bauxite, used to produce aluminum, and also has gold, diamonds and iron ore deposits'.
  • There is a government, which beg's mercy from African Union (consisting of 53 African nation); has a consititution (as broken and torn out as of Pakistan's, ref. to A. Ahsan); and, The National Council for Democracy and Development (responsible for the latest coup).
  • 'Since independence from France in 1958, Guinea had been ruled by only two people until Conte's death Monday evening.'
In short, there are parallel systems pervading in Guinea, accusation on the part of government for having foreign mercenaries, presence of a state army and rouge army - where does it lead them, I mean people? "Regional experts have long warned that Conte's death or ouster could send it into turmoil." There is a real risk of violence in Guinea. 

Thanks to General Zia. (General Zia wah bai wah, General Zia!)
*Source (Single article): Read.

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