Matters of Elegance in Writing

Einstein wrote in his preface to Relativity: The Special and General Theory,

"In the interest of clearness .... I adhered scrupulously to the precept of that brilliant theoretical physicist, L. Boltzmann, according to whom matters of elegance ought to be left to the tailor and to the cobbler."
Translated by Robert W. Lawson

This has been the prime reason why this book is abundantly book-friendly and gives a healthy thoughtful reading to laymen. A point that ought to be taken serious by those who are in the business of educating general public, complex matters.

Another technique Einstein as a writer incorporated while writing this book on Relatively, was the 'treatment of the empirical physical foundation of Relativity theory in a "step-motherly" fashion.' He presented the ideas "in the sequence and connection in which they actually originated." This as I've observed leads the reader to a self-discovery and gives him an insight into the theory of Relativity.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!