Who Knows

Dil darya samandaroon dunga

Kon dillan diya janay hoo

An inaccurate translation of this couplet by Sufi Sultan Baho can be:

"Heart is deeper than rivers and seas,

Who can claim to know what lies in there."

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N.A. said...

Can you share the whole poem, Umer? I have been searching for it since so long...

M. Umer Toor said...

Praise be to Allah I found it so quickly... though took only an hour to decode its meaning :-)

Here it is (i fear if it is an accurate transliteration)

"dil darya samondaroon dunh-gay, kon dilan diyan janay hoo

viche baerry (ships), viche jherray, vichay vanjh (chappu) moohanay hoo

chaudaan (14) tabaq dillay (dil) day andar, tanbu (tent) wagan (like) taanay hoo

Joi dil da mehram howay sui Rab pichanay hoo"

(The expositioner relates the last verse of this rubai with this (i guess its a verse from Quran)Man arafa nafsah faqad arafa Rabbih. Can you explain to me not only meaning but how to know or execute this message so as to know the Ultimate Reality??. Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

what a shaer

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