Grim Days Ahead for Sub-Continentians

1. War is now-a-days talked so much so in the media that I don't wish to comment on it with pleasure of my Self. However, its time for the people of two nations to be extremely cautious on their own personal level, as "Pakistan  has deployed some 20,000 troops to the towns of Kasur and Sialkot, close to the Indian border"*. This may trigger a series of events more damaging to the peaceful relations at official level. And, when Indian response comes, if a negative one, changes will start to take place in the minds of ordinary people, like us. That means bad. To quote Kuldip Nayar:

"Tensions, if prolonged, burst into consequences which are hard to handle. A warlike atmosphere comes to dominate. Nations are sucked into the cycle of jingoism because they feel insecure."

2. All military analysts are of the view, to whatever degree in certainty, that wars in 21st millennium are going to be 'diffused' wars. Such wars will not herald a clarion call to the people that war has begun, start digging holes in your houses' backyard. Such wars will start from within the enemy's boundary, even when no cross-fire be taking place across the deadly borders. And, on different but many planes shall they be fought - you name it; economic, diplomatic, international, cultural etc. 

2 (a1). In today's world military is not a compartmentalized sort of affair. Its directly linked with cultural roots, a thought I came across in Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. It is so because military can now fight not without the support of country's economy, interestingly Pakistan's 'Army' is one of those notorious armies which even produce capital of their own apart from defending ideology and so-called borders. Economy is not their department. Its people's. We're all are going to be doomed this time - in a chain reaction. Imagine what tools they will be using against us Indians and Pakistanis (they're only demons) - you name it again (that's the only thing we can do) starvation, trade cut-offs, gas cut-offs, bad national identity, etc. In short, they don't want us, how would they like to us to peacefully live?

3. But why is Pakistan behaving so aggressively? I do not defend Pakistan's state, its beyond understanding of normal human boys like I am. It may be a good thing they're doing, I say with extreme caution. Gen. Chain Smoker, I mean, General Kayani (COAS of Pakistan) "told chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen in a meeting earlier this week that according to Pakistani military reports, the Indians have finalised plans for surgical strikes at some locations inside Pakistan"**. And, its being reported in blazing media of Pakistan that Bharat has averted these plans after warnings from Pakistan? I do not condemn Bharat for this kind of thinking, but the problem is, a surgical strike can lead us into a full-fledged traditional and modern-concept of war. When you can diplomatically squeeze a democratic Pakistani Government - I say wash your hand in the flowing river. That's what I can suggest.


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