Begin with The End in Mind

Habit 2.

Begining in mind is having a different perspective on life.

All things are created twice.

We create them first in our minds, and then we work to bring them into physical existence. By taking control of our own first creation, we can write or re-write our own scripts, thus taking some control and responsibility for the outcome. We write or re-write our scripts using our imagination and conscience.

Two Creations

First is leadership - what do I/we want to accomplish? (determines right or wrong)

Second is management - how can I best accomplish it? (efficiency)

According to Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis, "Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things."


the most effective way to begin with the end in mind is to develop personal mission statement, creeed or philosophy. It focuses on what you want to be (character), do (contributions and achievements) and on the values and principles upon which your being and doing are based. "The personal mission statement gives us a changeless core from which we can deal with external change."

'Viktor Frankel developed a philosophy called "Logotherapy". Logotherapy helps an individual detect his unique meaning or mission in life by reexamining his personal vision and values to assure they are based on principles and reality.'

Centre of Our Being:

We must reexamine the center of our life. Our center is the source of our security, guidance, wisdom and power. Making people or things outside ourselves important places ourselves at the mercy of mood swings, inconsistent behavior and uncontrollable changes of fortune. Being self-centered is too limiting - people develop poor mental health in isolation.

Principle-Centered Life:

By centering our lives on correct principles, we create a stable, solid foundation for the development of our life support factors and embrace and encompass the truly important areas of our lives. Successful relationships, achievement and financial security will radiate from the principle center.

Principles of Life:

The principles we base our lives on should be deep, fundamental truths, classic truths based on perennial wisdom.

Re-Scripting your Life:

Imagination In developing your personal mission statement, you can use your creative ability to imagine life milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement and funerals. What accomplishments would you like to celebrate? Visualize them in rich detail.

You can make your mission statement balanced and easier to work with by breaking it down into the specific role areas of your life and the goals you want to accomplish in each area.

If you find your actions aren't congruent with your mission statement, you can create affirmations to improve. An affirmation should have five ingredients: it should be personal, positive, present tense, visual and emotional.

Visulisation and Aiffirmation:

You can also use visualization techniques.

"Affirmation and visualization are both self programming techniques that should be used in harmony with correct principles."

Kinds of Mission Statements:

Mission statements can also be made for families, service groups and organizations of all kinds.

A family mission statement is an expression of its true foundation, its shared vision and values.

Organizational mission statements should be developed by everyone in the organization. If there is no involvement in the process, there will be no commitment to the statement. Organizational mission statement must be known to everyone in the organization.

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