Beauty of Chinese Landscape Art

1. Seyyed H. Nasr says that man has deep roots in this world and it is difficult, very difficult for him to detach from his root (i.e, this world) for a 'thing', or purpose which demands him to detach for its own sake. 

2. However, if man's existence were to be analyzed, we find there are two realities connected to it: one is tiny being, traveller ; and, the other is the 'background', or the 'environment' through which this mortal man journeys. This is the duality that always persists. And, Nasr adds, "It is the basis of every human experience, whether it be physical, psychological or religious."

2 (a). This distinction has been observed centuries ago especially during Tang dynasty, when it started to cripple down and its men of arts and scholarship retreated into the nature. They made paintings of nature, which we call 'landscape art of Chinese'. These, Chinese, landscape paintings portray the huge physical or external world 'through which a physically minute traveller is passing' (same thing has been capitalised on in Mr. Bean's Holiday, in which the small funny figure of Mr. Bean is shown passing through the vast vistas of non-urban France, which on gigantic cinema screen must be unique an experience). Following are some Chinese landscape paintings, in every painting there is a being you've detect .

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Kadri said...

I've always been fascinated over how simple yet magnificent and grand the Chinese landscape paintings are.

Richard said...

It's an interesting concept which raises many different questions about how our perception of our surroundings chances our experience thereof, and how we learn from things. Something to think about, thanks.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Richard,

In nature you shall find revelations!

Humble Regards!

Awais said...

Beautiful paintings and interesting philosophy behind them! Thanks for sharing!

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Awais,

My pleasure. :-)

Humble regards!

Awais said...

I can't seem to spot any tiny human figure in the 3rd painting. Can u?

M. Umer Toor said...

if u notice their are white camps in the middle and right hand corner and in front of the middle camp there seem to be a man standing shown as a black spot.

Does it work?

Awais said...

Yeah, i guess that does look a man :) Nice observation!

Mark Martin said...

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