What is classic?

-"A classic, according to the usual definition, is an old author canonised by admiration, and an authority in his particular style.
-The word classic was first used in this sense by the Romans.
-With them not all the citizens of the different classes were properly called classici, but only those of the chief class, those who possessed an income of a certain fixed sum.
-Those who possessed a smaller income were described by the term infra classem, below the pre-eminent class.
-The word classicus was used in a figurative sense by Aulus Gellius ((ca. 125 AD—after 180 AD), Latin author and grammarian), and applied to writers: a writer of worth and distinction, classicus assiduusque scriptor, a writer who is of account, has real property, and is not lost in the proletariate crowd."

Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, in his essay What is Classic?
Was a shock to me when I looked at this para, and, I said to my aspirations of becoming a sort of classical essayist, "Boy, it takes heck of a long time."! But, I think its more easy to be labeled today has a classic in terms of 'style' of writing, its easy to recognize that's why, I fancy. Do you agree?

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!