Women - Elixir of Life

An elixir should not give man eternal life for an endless life in this world means enslavement forever. Thus, a true exilir should be a purifying agent, rather, so as to help him/her reach his/her end. An exilir that which makes the rust of iron vanish, or turn what's forever unfertile into ever fertile.

I have seen situations where deadlocks arise in families, and where stakes are high, very high. When the stubborn cold-blooded logician or a stark raving man doesn't move an inch from his stance, from his 'basis', only... then a cry of woman can dissolve immutable truths in the mind of male into ashes. Just as to desert-bedioun Arabs the only flower, only fountain a desert has is none but woman.

Whole carrier of this stubborn male-man on earth is but a testimony to the truth that woman was and is that exilir which has capability to turn dust into gold, he serached elsewhere, everywhere but for nothing.

Q: What is the bond of relationship afterall?
A: Gold, what else?

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!