Taliban Are Not Pakistanis

I don't refute if many may be. But I also cannot refute: they're not. Are there any types of Taliban? I don't know. But whosoever fights them, they kill them. If Paxton's kill them, they kill Paxton's, their own ancient blood-relatives. This is it. This shows us, Taliban have no gross roots in Qabails (FATA tribes). Here's the evidence.

Taliban strike a village Shalbandi in Swat which rebelled against it and hunt down 6 Talibans last Sunday morning. Taliban in preceding events had massacred 8 policemen. The village gained national repute for its fight against Taliban. Thus, Taliban singled out this village. Sent a suicide car and in pursuit of a 'general strategy' struck a school which was holding legislative elections. Result: 30 people killed and more than dozen wounded, all local Pakistani tribesmen. (NY Times.)

Yes, there are lawless areas in western region of the border. But, we've seen that who-so-ever, i.e, tribesmen, fight against Taliban (be they it) or try to wipe them out of their region(s), they'd simply strike back with full violence and no mercy. In order to multiply troubles for Pakistan, U.S finds leisure in attacking Tribal Areas, especially those which seem to be on friendly terms with Pakistani government. This later part is only my speculation. Nonetheless its wide clear to me, Taliban must be a name to cover external forces. It seems logical to me when I find Tribal people fighting back Pakistani Government and even America to save their tribesmen from the onslaught of their enemies, whom we categorize as Taliban or Al-Qaeda. How can the other party be so mean enough not to respect them? 

To tribesmen of Pakistan traditions and principles precede survival. This fact should be marked down.

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Kadri said...

Violence breeds violence, but how do you break the destructive cycle and start to trade violence for tolerance instead.

M. Umer Toor said...

what's the best way of eliminating so-called terrorism? Simple, eliminating terrorists. Terrorism will vanish. However, the solution of the deeper problems lies in government's fair conduct aimed at winning the hearts of its people, as far as i can suggest :-)

Kadri said...

But how do you eliminate the terrorists without violence? A person that's attacked and forced to do something against their will, will also be even more convinced that they are right. It will also make them feel that they have the right to attack and kill others, just as your blog post shows, and the cycle never ends. Genocide is not the solution.

M. Umer Toor said...

I can't say much about it, i conclude. I'd prefer for myself to leave this matter onto men of law and order, as they can better understand such complexities.
But of course genocide is not the solution.

Thanks for the criticism, though. Opened my mind...

humble regards!

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