"Today's Writing Prompt"

'How do you strive to be similar to, or different from, your parents?' (Do I?)

Scientists find it to be a fault genes for having pecuralities in a child's character or personality, similar to his/her parent(s). I am no exception: everyone's victim of fate; everyone's prey to 'genetic coding'.

I try to emulate the traditional qualities my parents have inherited or developed under their parents and their immediate society. Those qualities are fundamental, which, to my mind, are being neglected by the education I wish, and partly the education I get. You name it, everone has heard of these 'values' trillions of time (don't mind the figures when a jat is writing). Truth, dignity, peace with grace, fidelity, humbleness, piety - again, you name it.

I think my father has a deep, smooth and polished voice, which is but an advantage of character like he has. This worries my self. Perhaps not that 'self', mysterious to the poet-philosopher Iqbal, but my imitating, splashy self. Because, I don't think a self is deviod of its own individuality, it's unique, so I must have some distinction, which should appear on its surface. Or, when I give a second thought to this proposition: Is their any need to have some distinction from our parents and forefathers, other than the needed growth and elimination of those habits or perceptions that go against clear truth?

I premuse, no. What is needed is growth, and parting away from 'bad' qualities of our ancestors, including parents. But, as for growth, striving to match the level of our parents, learning what they've learnt, is but essential. Some say this thing in different better ways. Some call it as 'conformity to conventions'. Other, impress on the need of learning the skills of our parents and ancestors. But, the conclusion never differs, some say it like this: if you need to see your future, first know your past first. And, I say it in this way, if you wish to advance than what previous have done, first master what they'd mastered.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!