Lessons In Entrepreneurship

You don't want to do things entrepreneurs must not do. Perhaps, more than this you don't want to fail. However, if this 'want' be replaced by 'fear, becoming "I don't fear failure", is an essential traits of entrepreneurs. In the following article-link you'll find why fearing not failure is an 'essential' mark of entrepreneurs, and those who do fear are not your peers. Here is the link

 Author* lost his major business, and his father told him:   

"You're fortunate to have failed. You now have the opportunity to learn how to turn bad luck into good luck. If you can do that, you'll have a life of more and more good luck."  

 Roberts teaches in this short article that there are three simple immutable things an entrepreneur must stick to:   1) Not to blame (you know it). 2) Make New partners (says, best when you're doomed and you hate them. He says there are good people in perilous moments). 3) Learn from your mistakes. 



* Website: Robert, author of the Rich Dad series of books, is an investor, entrepreneur and educator whose perspectives have changed the way people think about money and investing.

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