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Umer: You say that if someone transgresses from the 'eternal principles' of morality as taught by your religion of Islam [trying to be funny] and 'time', it's going to hurt society. But, then why your religion promote fanaticism, fundamentalism and extremism (in one single breath of wispher)?

Master Agha: They, the so-called extremists too transgress from the 'ruh' (essence) of it. Secondly, let me tell you this: be very, very careful and clear when using 'terms'. Terms have denotative and connotative meanings, as you know, unlike mere words which are not like concepts. This term 'fundamentalism' has been dubbed wrongly for Islam, out-of-context. Fundamentalism was originated in Christianity. There was a sect which wanted to implementt its own made rules as absolute, which no one could challenge or oppose. This sect was called Fundamentalist Christians, [added with the a particular name of the sect]. Islam, on the other hand, is the most liberal, most natural religion in religions [said with firmness]. But as I said they too transgress from the 'ruh' (essence) of it.

Umer: (Impatiently) Well, but [notice yes-but syndrome] how does your Islam differ here from Christianity, on this particular point?

Master Agha: It has no 'priesthood'.

[Umer was silenced.]

2 did criticisms:

Awais said...

Yes, Islam has no priesthood, but that doesn't prevent the Taliban and others from taking the self-claimed responsibility of imposing shariat on the world.

And just because the etymology of the term 'fundamentalism' is Christian, that doesn't mean that it cannot be applied to other religious group which show a similar spirit.

M. Umer Toor said...

Yes term can be applied when it is applicable. Any situation which meets the criteria for the term, only then.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!