Future Orientation in Strategy and Planning

Whether be it Zia-ud-din Sardar's Future of Islam or a Manager's Guide on Strategy and Planning, thinking about future is seen as an essential 'aspect of strategy'. I liked two quotes from a book on strategy and planning, which only shed light on the need of seeing into the future.


1. "...a view of strategy quite different from what prevails in many companies. It is a view of strategy that recognizes that a firm must unlearn its past before it can find the future. It is a view of strategy that recognizes it is enough to optimally position a company within existing markets; the challenge is to pierce the fog of uncertainity and develop great foresight into the whereabouts of tomorrow's markets. It is aview of strategy hat recognises the need for more than an incrementalist, annual planning rain dance; what is needed is a strategic architecture that provides a blueprint for building the competencies needed to dominate future markets." 

Hamel and Prahalad, 1994. 

2. "But tomorrow always arrives. It is always different, and then even the mightiest company is introuble if it has not worked on the future. It will have lost distinction and leadership - all that will remain is big company overheads. It will neither control nor understand what is happening; not having dared to take the risk of making of making the new happen. And this is a risk that even the largest and richest company cannot afford and that even the smallest business need not run."
 Drucker, 1964.

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