Quality of Relationship

Quality of relationship among humans matters everywhere, where ever humans are to interact. That's the universality of it, which we might ignore due to our likeness or idslikeness, or what we call as having 'narrow visions of our mnd'. Previously, and regretfully, I thinked of importance of 'quality of relationship' as a prime variable in persoanl matters alone, more than anywhere else. How wrong I was, I realised when I read the following paragraph somewhere: 

"The Gallup Organization, which has polled millions of empolyees and tens of thousands of managers, has found that the single most important variable in employee productivity and loyality isn't pay or benefits or workplace environment; it's the quality of the realationship between employees and their direct supervisors."

Source: K. A. Tucker and V. Allman, "Don't Be a Cat-and-Mouse Manager,' The Gallup Organization, September 9, 2004. Visit the website.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!