What on Earth is a Manager?

Who Are Managers?

Managers coordinate and oversee the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished. His job is helping others do their work. His duties are not merely restricted to coordinating.
  • Top Managers (executives, who make nonprogrammed new decisions; establish plans & goals)
  • Middle Managers (all levels the extreme two)
  • First-line Managers (who work in field make programmed decisions)

What Is Management:

What managers do is management. Formally speaking, management is coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively.

  • Efficiency: -- getting the most output from the leasat amount of input; doing things right
  • Effectively: -- doing those work activities that help the organization reach its goals; doing right htings

What Managers Do?


  • Planning -- defining goals, establishing strategies, and developing plans
  • Organizing -- arranging and structuring work
  • Leading -- working with and through people
  • Controlling -- evaluating whether things are going as planned


  • Interpersonal -- figurehead (symbolic figure), leader (responsible for motivation of subordinate), liasion (maintains self-developed network of outside contacts and informers)
  • Informational -- monitor (seeks and receives information to understand organizationa and enviornment), disseminator (transmits information within organization), spokesperson (transmits information to outsider)
  • Decisional -- entrepreneur (searches for opportunities and reforming plans), disturbance handler (corretcs disturbtive events affecting organization), resource allocator, negotiator

How Manager's job Is Changing

  • Changes impact manager's job - changing technology, increased security threats, increased emphasis on ethics, increased competitiveness
  • Importance of customer (customer responsive organization'scan only please the customer)
  • importance of Innovation (nothing is more risky than not innovating for manager. A normal strategy of a small organization is that they must issue a new brand with three weeks. They are doing so only for mere survival)

What Is an Organization Where Manager Works?

Def: Organization is a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplishsome specific purpose. Traditional organization are being replaced by contemporary organization beacuse the world is in change.

It has three elements: Distinct Purpose (goals or set of goals); Deliberate Structure (structure is their to unable people to do work); People (a persoan working alone is not an organization). When they all overlap each other, lo! an organization is formed.

Why Study Management?

Even if are majoring in marketing, finance, accounting, sciences or art, we can explain to you the need of looking at management from its own view-point. We would like appreciate management on these basis:

  • The Universality of Managment: the reality that management is needed in all types and sizes of organizations, at all organizational levels, in all organizational areas, and in organizations in all countries around the globe.
  • The Reality of 'Work': either you manage or be managed; either you act or be acted upon.
  • Chanlleneges and Rewards of a Manager

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