A Web-Publics of Pakistani Consumer Market

'What could be an example of "publics" [Textbook def: any group that has an actual/potential interest/impact on an org's ability to achieve its objective*, bit a head-shake, isn't it?] on web of Pakistani consumer market?' Once I thought, then instantly the following example popped in my head: " - Voice of Pakistani Consumer." I don't know if how many of you have visited this website (indicate if you've by marking 'interesting' option below) made for Pakistani consumers to make complaints about products or services they happily or unhappily consume. Pakistani students and people generally, I have observed, are more interested in making complaints about everything they can imagine in their heads, always trying to enter every field, especially those they've least knowledge of, e.g., politics, than genuinely critiquing consumer goods, business models or way companies conduct business. So here's a useful place where your complaints are not going to be useless, rather may result as valuable for society at large, if you're people of understanding. Post your complaints here.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!